BBC-PRI “The World” (Boston, USA) “You Me Bullets Love” sounds like the soundtrack to a long lost Bollywood-James Bond film.."

Wall Street Journal (New York, USA) “It’s funky, surfy, brassy and definitely danceable …”

Globetronica (London, UK) “… ‘You Me Bullets Love’ is for the neophytes and enthusiasts alike, a combination of vibrant original material and vintage Hindi super hits …”

Mumbai Boss (Mumbai, India) “Bombay Royale is a retro band unlike any you’ve heard before …”

Exclaim (Toronto, Canada) “… a bombastic hybrid that honours the musical theatrics of vintage Bollywood soundtracks …

Platform magazine (Delhi, India) “… reminiscent of a time when Shammi Kapoor’s frenzied head-shake was the hottest thing going …”

The Australian (Sydney, Australia) “The music is brash, brassy, bodacious and often cacophonous but never boring …”

The Age (Melbourne Australia) “You Me Bullets Love is … an off-kilter masterpiece …” (Melbourne, Australia)  “You Me Bullets Love, the debut from Melbourne outfit The Bombay Royale, is music so intense you can see it …”

Vulture magazine (Melbourne, Australia)  “… Bollywood surferbilly psychedelic disco porn funk …”

The Age (Melbourne, Australia)  “The Bombay Royale’s riotously colourful live show is a visual feast …”

The Herald Sun (Melbourne Australia) “… gaspingly authentic …”

Australian Stage Review "Uncle Jack has been a pioneer of the Black theatre movement since its  inception while his prolific career has included a range of performances both on and offstage."
ArtsHub Story "His life is in his voice. I get the sense his words tell the trail, a trail of words collected bowerbird..."
The Australian Story "JACK Charles looks at the portrait of himself and sees an old, wise face that has lived a full life"